• FFS Rolls

    FFS Roll is developed for different FFS (form-fill-seal) machines. In this film we can combine high strength with good hot tack and right friction.

     Typically FFS films are used in the production of granular and powdery products which use gravity for bag filling.

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  • LDPE Bags & Sacks

    We supply a broad range of LDPE Bags for industrial, recycling & agricultural purposes .

    Typical examples of products packed in a durable bag or sack from Al sharq are fertilizers, soil, Bio Hazard waste, etc

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  • Shrink Hood

    A shrink hood is fed over the top of the pallet stack and heated, the heat shrinks the film and it forms a tight fit around the stack.

    Shrink hoods are used for automated packaging products on pallets.

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  • Stretch Hood

    Our stretch hood films offer an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and convenient way to protect your palletized materials.

    Stretch hood films combines the weather protection and load stability advantages of pallet covers with the economy of stretch films

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  • Lamination Grade Films

    Lamination grade films are basically three-layer coextruded polyethylene films for various types of Laminate structures for food and non-food applications.

    Constructed from a clear blend of high clarity LDPE and LLDPE, these films are ideal for use as a sealant web

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  • Hi- Clarity Films

    High Clarity Films is a coextruded 3 layer PE Transparent film with excellent optical properties, high stiffness and good sealability. It gives a luxurious finish to the packaged product

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  • Shrink Films

    Shrink film offers superb performance in holding and protecting products subject to frequent handling and transport.

     Shrink film is a well-established and cost effective method of collating cans, bottles, cartons and palletized goods

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  • Cast PE Stretch Film

    Our Stretch film has high puncture resistance, excellent transparency as well as appropriate cling ability with stretchability upto 300 % for automatic pallet wrapping machines as well as for manual wrapping

    Stretch films can be available in clear or coloured with UV stabilization option.

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  • Top and Bottom Sheet Film

    The Top sheet is necessary when uncovered material needs protection from dust and splashes. Bottom sheets can be used to prevent material from direct contact with any surface or wooden pallets.

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Al Sharq Plas LLC is one-source solution for your packaging requirements, from in house converting to palletizing for industrial products, food and beverage products, and specialty film products. We are proven source for the quality, value and performance you’re looking for. We have full spectrum of your total packaging solution backed by our commitment to our quality. Make Al Sharq your choice 


We at Al Sharq Plas LLC, an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified company believe in our mission statements and the integration of these statements in our business practice has earned us respect from our customers. Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results the right way—by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth

    Our Commitment

Al Sharq Plas LLC, in its commitment towards promoting an eco-friendly global environment and a better tomorrow, helps Customers Go Green with its innovative OXO- Biodegradable High Performance technology Films. It is the perfect Solution for Customers looking for an Environmentally Preferable Film without Sacrificing performance or Significantly Increasing costs.